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For Happier Work Places 

Our Services

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Adding expertise and leader support to your organisation.

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Ensuring the right people stay in your organisation. 

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Finding the right people to join your organisation.

Why customers choose us

People First

  • Understand why people join and stay, and create a strategy for improvement.

  • Identify top talent and create professional development plans.

  • Create a motivating culture with higher hiring rates and lower staff turnover.

Improved management & leadership

  • Effective leadership training resulting in improved management performance.

  • Expertise of union negotiations during organisational change.

  • Implement HR tools to improve efficiency with 30%.

Improved employee happiness

  • Average eNPS turnarounds from -20 to +25.

  • Expectation management, change management, and cultural improvements.

  • Create happiness and joy.

Diversity first

  • Hiring from over 25 different countries.

  • 38% female recruitments
    (13% above industry standard).

  • Youngest recruitment is 18 years old.

  • Most senior recruitment is 72 years old.

Great so far, but improvement is our ambition. 

What our customers say about us?


Kristin Widell, Peltarion

Acting as our Recruitment Lead for a year, Line from Peops Relations, made it possible to get over fifty new colleagues on board. Line helped us become more data driven, learn from our numbers and establish our own best practice for recruiting. She balanced our short-term and long-term needs in a highly professional way. It was a pleasure working with her and she gets my very best recommendations.


David Näsström,Refapp

Peops Relations use the latest HR tools and modern methods to make time for face-to-face interaction. They deliver the perfect mix of tech and personal touch. And also, they are fun to work with.


Josefin Ringertz,Weop

A collaboration with Peops Relations is characterized by professionalism, a high degree of fulfillment and mutual trust. Weop has chosen to work with Peops Relations for our ongoing recruitment needs as well as the development of our internal processes. Contact with Line and Alice is always full of energy and Weop is looking forward to a long-term and successful relationship!


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