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Recruiting services

Recruiting or as we like to call it: ‘matching’, because we do not want to simply fill a position and move on, but we really want to match the right person to the right work place. Each hire should be the start of a new sustainable relationship. Therefore recruitment is a never ending process in which you are always on the lookout for the talent which fits your organisation the best.

Executive search

Niche Recruitment specialists Peops Relations

Finding the almost unfindable star.

Our relationships and network is one of the greatest asset when partnering with us. We are the best when it comes to the most challenging recruitment processes such as finding senior management and niche specialists.

List of recently filled position:


  • CEO

  • HR Manager

  • Area Manager

  • Shared Service Manager

  • Service Manager

  • Senior Data Scientist

  • Senior Financial Controller

Embedded talent acquisition 

Temporary on-site boost.

An on-site embedded Talent Acquisition support gives you flexibility in time and tasks when you need it most. Even in times of recruiting peaks, overlapping projects, or missing your own HR-superstar, we guarantee speed, quality and the possibility of running multiple processes parallel from start to hire.

List of services:

  • Project based solutions.

  • Part-time or full-time boosts.

  • Delivery of candidate profiles.

  • Reaching out to potential candidates.

  • Building and maintaining talent pools.

  • Evaluation and implementation of HR tools.

  • Promoting industry best practices.

  • Managing entire pipelines.

  • Recruiting workshops / training.

Talent Acquisition Support Peops Relations

Second opinion

Recruitment Services Peops Relations

Let our experience help you with your challenge.

Sometimes you are not entirely sure about what decision to make in a recruitment process. We can help you by taking away that uncertainty by providing a swift, objective and thorough second opinion. We take a closer look at your candidates and will give you well-designed solution which guarantees quality.

  • Cognitive ability tests – Matrigma, Verify, CPP

  • Personality tests – MAP, OPQ, Hogan, Perspektiv.

  • Case interviews (tailored for each process).

  • Skills assessment tests.

  • In-depth interviews.

  • Reference checks.

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