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HR services

Providing expertise and leader support when needed.
HR is a broad field of different activities trying to optimize the relationships and environment in your organizations. We can provide you the complete package, whether that is a much needed consultant, advice on specific situations, or just a simple nudge in the right direction to overcome a problem.

Interim HR

Interim HR Peops Relations

Make use of our network of freelancing HR professionals

Are you in dire need for that specific HR-talent and you need it rather today than tomorrow? We are part a broad network of freelancing HR people. All of our gig-colleagues have at least one area of expertise besides being a driven HR generalist.

Example of profiles:

  • Recruitment specialists

  • Interim managers

  • Niche specialists

HR on-demand

Expert advice ready when you need it

Sometimes all you need is a good bit of advice to go in the right direction. Our HR-experts are ready to give you that advice whenever you need it most.

List of services:

  • Culture development

  • Leader support

  • Work environment improvements

  • Labour law

  • Employee experience surveys

  • Relocation and work permits

  • HR tool implementations

  • Payroll

  • Union relations

  • HR administration

HR on-demand Peops Relations
HR Workshops Peops Relations

Inspiration and motivation

Inspiring to create and motivating to act. 

Not all your problems require extensive recruitment plans or cultural changes. Sometimes a simple nudge in the right direction might inspire your team to overcome their obstacles and achieve their objectives. We can provide that necessary nudge based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

List of services:

  • Webinars

  • Lectures

  • Workshops

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