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About us

Peops Relations was founded with the desire to do things differently. Their ambition is to develop happier work lives for people and challenge the way we think about work.

Meet the team

Find the right person by area of expertise.

Line Thomson

Founder & senior People Partner

Line Thomson is a behavioural scientist and economist with 15 years of experience in Management and HR positions. Line is one of the founders of Peops. "I want work to contribute to happiness in life, and as long as that's not a fact, there's work to do."

Rolf Kusch

Team manager & People Partner

Rolf Kusch is a political scientist and management consultant with 5 years of experience in sales and HR. Rolf is our team manager/consultant. “I truly believe most people have good intentions, from that perspective I focus on solving problems and enabling people first, and creating processes second.”

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Julia Johansson

People Partner

Julia Johansson is currently studying human resource at Uppsala University and working part time as our People Partner. Julia is passionate about communication and work environment. She is eager to learn more about helping companies advance.

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Tobias Thomson

Associate consultant

Tobias Thomson has a background as a headmaster & school director. As a researcher and expert he has worked for authorities, municipalities and companies within competence aquisition, development and education. Tobias is a well-organised project manager and analyst.


Tiba Al - Dahlaki

Marketing & content manager

Tiba Al-Dahlaki is a social scientist-turned-marketing passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging create business-changing content. "I enjoy creating strategic eye-catching marketing designs with storytelling that goes beyond their visual appeal!"

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Moa Hjertson

Founder & senior people partner

Moa Hjertson is one of the founders of Peops. She has 15+ years in different HR- and management roles.

Our approach


Work contributing to happiness and purpose in life.


To help people and workplaces from A to B, through insight and action, a change called improvement.


To get most out of the part of life called work, we ensure that the right people join and stay. For the right reasons.

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